Day 24

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Merry Christmas to all of you! Today is the last day of the (most probably) last Quizmas calender, and that means it is time for an extra goody for all Kaizer fans. Here is for you Helge "Omen" Kaizer playing a Kaizers medley at the film festival Rogalerret in Sandnes last month! =:-D

But Christmas Eve is not only about watching fun videos ... it is also your last chance to score points! And since I didn't know for sure if I'd manage to get a goody for you today, this question is extra hard - and gives double points if you solve it correctly. Good luck!

You have probably heard of anagrams - an anagram is basically a "shuffled expression", where the letters are in the wrong order. For example, "Razor Ski Teachers" is an anagram of "Kaizers Orchestra".

Below, written vertically, there are eleven anagrams of names related to Kaizers Orchestra. This can be song or album titles, people, characters from songs, etc. Your job is to sort out those names now!

As solution, send in the word that appears lined in blue. No, not Baairglasfm. =;-)
After you solve the anagrams, the word will make a lot more sense - you might even be able to guess it if you don't manage to get all anagrams right.

The correct answer:

88% (of 45) answered this question correctly.